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Spring (Fever) has Sprung!

The weather in the northeast has been so lovely lately! There are beautiful purple and white crocuses showing their faces to the sun and soon there will be sweet smelling lilacs and stunning pink cherry blossoms.

This constant and unyielding growth and change reminds me that nothing is forever - not this current mindset, our current struggles, or our concerns that feel all encompassing. There’s so much comfort knowing that just like the gray winter days melt into spring flowers, the things that trouble us will also dissipate. This reminder is especially comforting considering all the upheaval we've experienced in the last year! But the world is ever evolving, and so are we.

I'm very lucky to have received my first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine and will be fully vaccinated by the middle of April. With this extra measure of safety, I've relaxed some of my precautions and I'm my calendar has some openings. Get in touch if you'd like some help with your spring fever!

xo, Alexa

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