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Meet your muse

Sweet and seductive, deviant and delightful, I am an avant-garde beauty and a rebel with a very sensual cause. I was raised in the Deep South and though I’ve almost lost my accent, I still retain the classic southern charm and friendly demeanor. I am an artist and philosopher by training and though that will always have a place in my heart, recently, the sciences have piqued my interest. When I’m not studying or flirting, I can be found relaxing with my cat, volunteering with local organizations, or perusing antique shops.

Duality is my middle name and I love to embrace and explore the parts of myself that are traditional as well as the sides that are free spirited, eclectic, and risqué.

This is reflected in my sexuality – I am comfortable as a passionate paramour or as commanding dominant and very enthusiastic about all the space in between!

Obviously, boredom is no friend of mine and traveling, meeting new people, and exploring new ideas gives me an immense amount of pleasure. A few of my passions include erotic art, holistic medicine, and the mysteries of the natural world.


But enough about me, please, get in touch because I’m aching to learn more about you…


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