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I'm available for comment on BDSM, fetish, sex work, censorship, fatness, body neutrality, and more. For press opportunities, please email


Erotic Spanking: 3 Thrilling Types to Try


My thoughts on how spanking can be funishment and punishment, safety, and my favorite approaches.

WWYDM Alexa Eason Twitter.png

Why Won't You Date Me?

with Nicole Byer

Nicole and I talk about BDSM, hotel linens, Instagram's censoring of fat bodies, and why you should always check under the bed in your hotel room.


'Yellowjackets' Season 2: A cheating and cuckolding fetish explainer

From Mashable

I reflect on the science behind cuckolding, why people enjoy the fantasy, and the power in being vulnerable with your partner(s).


2021 "Best Solo Performer of the Year" Nominee

From The BBW Awards

I may be biased, but this nomination was well deserved! Click here to see why.

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