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Encounters Await...

A Rose In Bloom
Commonly referred to as The Girlfriend Experience, this rendezvous is passionate and romantic. You can fully relax as we luxuriate in the pleasure of each other's company. My lingering caresses and enchanting embrace are sure to inspire bliss.


Delightful Deviant
Perhaps your tastes lean in a darker direction, maybe you're seeking a more commanding presence - a kinky companion. I have a penchant for playful wickedness and sensual debauchery. As a top I am clever and controlling, with a strength and a presence that will leave you weak in the knees. I am incredibly open minded, but a few things that really strike my fancy are body worship, impact play, tease and denial, and prostate stimulation.


Bring me to you
If you've been dreaming of seeing me, but our schedules never quite lined up why not plan an exclusive Bring Me To You date? This date encompasses Fly Me To You as well as other forms of travel. I love any excuse for a road trip and I'm available to drive to you for a 1:1 ratio date minimum (ex: if it takes 2 hours to drive to you, kindly book at least a 2 hour date).

I'd love to accompany you on a business trip, vacation, or staycation!

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