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The Power in Reflection: Exploring What Inspired My Dominance

Playing with my friend, Hunny Daniels. And, yes, we do offer duos together.

I've found myself experiencing DomSpace more frequently and have been reflecting on a question presented by my colleague and professional submissive, Lena Duvall. She recently asked what inspired me to explore and enact my desires to be sexually dominant.

I've always been a very strong person (ask me about my bench press) and grew up riding horses and competing regionally and nationally. The power, strength, and confidence it takes to control a 1600 pound animal was intoxicating to me. The deep emotional connection, clear communication, and consent based dynamic is what hooked me. All the beautifully crafted leather was a great bonus!

In my early 20s I accompanied a friend to a random rope workshop at a members only dungeon. It was kismet and I was thrilled to find the strength, power, and confidence I felt in the saddle come rushing back to me. It turns out the skills I cultivated with horses could be applied to two legged mammals as well! I became a member of that dungeon, signed up for every workshop, attended play parties, and began my BDSM journey.  

To honor this personal history, I recently started redesigning some of my tack (leather accoutrements for horses) into wearable pieces for myself and my subs. I find so much maniacal joy in repurposing something so wholesome into something purely debaucherous. Just as I love coupling my warm, friendly, and laid-back personality with being sadistic and dominant. The juxtaposition fuels my desire to cultivate my sadism and to take myself and my subs into more depravity while smiling and cracking dad jokes along the way!

I'm appreciative to Lena for asking this question. It's always fun to look back and to reflect on the skills I've developed and the ways my dominance has shaped the person I am today.

Stay tuned for my upcoming writing about my budding interest in Pony Play!

The lovely sub in the photo above is my friend, Hunny Daniels. Yes, we are available for duos.

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