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Where in the world is Alexa Eason?

In the next few weeks, your favorite BBW sweetheart (that's me!) will be packing her bags to visit Midtown Manhattan and Long Island. Since so much is changing in my life I thought it might be convenient for you if I gave a quick breakdown of my schedule...

  • NYC, Midtown Manhattan - May 9-12

  • Long Island, Nassau County - May 12-13

  • Last day for dates in Providence & Boston - May 26

  • Available in Philadelphia starting June 2!

If you don't see your city listed above - I am available to travel to you by plane, train, or automobile! "I'll Drive Myself To You" dates are available to most cities in the North East US. If you live outside the North East - consider a "Fly Me To You" date! There is a four hour minimum to book, plus travel and lodging expenses. Get in touch and let's make a plan!

For those interested in supporting my move to Philadelphia, here's my moving wish list. Please leave a note with the gift so that I can thank you accordingly!

xo, Alexa

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